Mamta is a young grown up beautiful and loveable girl of the family. She is the only child in her family. Her parents, grand parents and everyone cares for her. She has got a good, charming and attractive personality, which adds more to her beauty. She is just 17 years old but having an unusual and very rare problem.

Mamta saw lots and lots of dreams. But one day she imagines a picture of her dream man in her dreams. From the last few time she daily start imagined about him in day and night. After some time she realised that she start falling in love with that dream man in her imagination. That imagining person takes the place in her heart.

"I dreamt of this man one night and after that I constantly talk to him mentally and feel very close to him. I have even given him a name." Mamta said.

Now she loves to spend time only with that dream man and even she also convinced that whenever she’ll marry, she will marry only him. If this will not happen then she will die or do some wrong thing with herself.

Mamta thinks her dream man is sure exist somewhere in this world and she will meet him one day, face to face. And whenever she meets him she will tell him that how desperately she loves him. Mamta is also trying to make a sketch of her dream man so that she can publish that sketch in the news paper to find her dream man as soon as possible. She is really desperate to meet that person.

Mamta think about him so much that she also unable to study for her 12th standard exams. His face with every detail comes in front of her pages when she was trying to concentrate on her studies.

Now she wants to know that whether her imagination is only an imagination or she will stick with her dream and find out him?

Give her a suggestion that her imagination is accepted by you or not? Or whether she is doing a right thing or not?

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