Now days Medical Transcriptionists are in demand. But you donít know how to get in this. Here are the some reasons to become a Medical Transcriptionist. If these characteristics are something you're looking for in a job, then medical transcription may be for you.

Many worthwhile career require expansive teaching and advanced degrees and other jobs in the medical field can take 5-6 or more years of education and expensive schooling to begin your career. But in Medical transcription, you can begin your work in a year or less, without taking any student loans. In Medical Transcription some employers require no training, especially not if you already have good English skills and some experience in a medical field.

More than 70% of Medical Transcriptionists work in hospitals or physicians' offices. Medical transcription is becoming increasingly popular as a work-from-home profession also. Almost all-medical transcriptionists enjoy excellent pay, even in entry-level positions. In this profession you can earn as much as nine lakhs to twenty lakhs a year as a medical transcriptionist. If you are a hard working person and a dedicated person towards your work then your salary will steadily increase.

While in this profession the job satisfaction may vary from job to job and person to person, if you enjoy being able to visibly track the progress you've made in a day, medical transcription can bring you a high level of job satisfaction.

Whether you work in a hospital, a private office or from home, medical transcriptionists enjoy a comfortable work environment. In this profession noise levels is low, safety risks are minimal and strenuous labor is negligible.

In medical transcription, you'll enjoy a comfortable office and dedicated workstation.

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