Manav Gangwani's Latest Couture Collection,
India @ 70

New Delhi: Master couturier and one of the leading names in the fashion fraternity Manav Gangwani, has created his latest couture collection, India @ 70 that will be showcased at India Couture Week 2017.

The collection being showcased at ICW 2017 is called "India @ 70" which is an amalgamation of the rich heritage of India along with modern edgy elements that are incorporated in each garment. The inspiration for this collection from the atelier of Manav Gangwani has been taken from various regions in India. MG has incorporated elements of design from different regions like Kashmir reflecting Jamawars, Bandhanis of Rajasthan, Kathakali from Kerala and Brocades of Varanasi. Using different techniques like Badla, Chikankari, Zardosi & Parsi etc. MG has created every garment to perfection. From the God & Goddesses of India to Miniature Art of Mughal Empire to Meenakari to Patolas to Panthani all forms have been used to reflect India. With each garment having an unusual and unique element, MG believes that through this collection he has showcased the best of what India has to offer.

Talking about his latest collection he says, "In this collection, I have taken inspiration from the rich Indian heritage and have created a collection that brings together interesting elements from every region of India. I have used techniques silhouettes and designs that together create a perfect amalgamation of traditionalism and authenticity".

This collection incorporates intricate motifs that have been embroidered on the garments making each garment a storyboard that depicts interesting scenes from the Mughal era. Motifs of the traditional Kathakali, gods and goddess add a touch of mystery to traditional elements of design. The use to miniature paintings in this collection projects the cultural diversity that India has to offer.

Accentuated vintage gold elements adding a touch of royalty to every garment has been thoughtfully crafted to induce the fragrance and grandeur and opulence of India. Inspired by his vivid imagination, this collection epitomizes the essence of every region in India, with an undertone of drama and mystery. The colour pallet for this collection are colours that are most commonly seen in India, royal blue, crimson, ivory, orange and green.

Enthrallingly feminine luxurious silk brocades, rich velvets, sheer gauzy tissues with gold, are the fabrics chosen for this collection.