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Many women and men still subscribe to the view that age and experience cannot be reconciled with a healthy and attractive visage. Indeed, in youth-obsessed it is not uncommon for patients in there mid 20s to seek facelifts. Yet, as any good scientist will tell you, it is not age that cause wrinkles, but the sun responsible for 90 percent of perceived aging in the face.

Chronologically old skin is remarkably smooth, although it loses some elasticity. But sunlight slowly maims the face, causing fine and coarse wrinkles, mottling and looseness.

As a result, plastic surgery fails on two counts. It neither protects us from sunlight only we can do that by wearing sunscreen and avoiding overexposure, nor does it address our relationship to our mind and body. In other words, a perfect, flawless face won’t help us feel better about ourselves. Only self-acceptance can do that.

Today, more and more people are turning away from radical, invasive methods such as cosmetic surgery. What is more, disillusioned with a society that has spawned genetically modified food and cloning, consumers are also growing intolerant of conventional health and beauty products loaded with artificial preservatives and colourings, which may actually contribute to certain forms of skin allergies, sinusitis and possibly cancers.

Instead, they are integrating the mind and body by embracing a common sense diet, exercise, relaxation techniques and alternative beauty treatments that owe more to the garden than the beauty industry.

Some medical schools are even offering students introductory courses to Aromatherapy as part of study options in alternative treatments such as osteopathy and homeopathy.

But the question arises what is Aromatherapy and how it works?

Aromatherapy (aroma means fragrance and therapy means treatment) it means treatment with fragrance oils, which is easily available. Now day’s Aromatherapy is becoming popular.

Aromatherapy can help you to alleviate the problems associated with beauty, stress, fatigue and illnesses. Aromatherapy also helps you to take care for your skin, and in a positive way can improve your beauty routine.

Aromatherapy allows you to tailor your skin; hair and body care to your individual requirements. It's a simple way of introducing effective treatments for your face and body without buying a lot of different products: you can adapt the ones you already have with Aromatherapy oils. Mixing Aromatherapy oils into your own creams and lotions are rewarding and enjoyable. You would soon realize how much you could improve your overall appearance and well being without much expense. Also, you would be benefited from the soothing aromas of the oils.

Essential oils are ideally suited to skin care, as they are readily absorbed and have the ability to penetrate through to the underlying layers of the skin, which are alive and active, unlike the outer dead layer of cells that are constantly being shed. Essential oils stimulate cellular regeneration, improve the circulation and help to eliminate toxins at a fundamental level. Skin that has been treated with aromatic oils thus becomes more dynamic and healthy. In addition, because the oils are able to travel in the bloodstream and lymphatic system, skin treatments using essential oils are vitalizing to the body as a whole.

AROMA OILS also available.

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