Crystals and Gemstones helps in all aspects of life, whether it is on the mental, emotional or physical level and drive away all difficulties and sins. Through crystals and gemstones you will achieve amazing results and it also attracts a lot of ‘Vibrations’; ‘Positive Energies’ but some of them also have some negative energy. Crystal and Gemstones are most fruitful and the best for fulfilling all desire and for salvation by wearing or keeping it with you. All king of evils go-away and desired results are achieved.

Before reaching you the gemstone has travelled through time and so many space so it take lot of negative energies of so many people and places also. Some crystalline formations are believed to be millions of years old. Therefore before you begin to use your stone for any purpose, it is best to remove those negative 'vibrations', so that they can harm you and make sure that only the purest energies remain within. Never let anyone touch your crystal sometime it also create negative energies.

Here are a 3 cleansing methods for your crystals and gemstone, which you can use. You can use any one of them method to clean your gemstones and crystals.

  1. Wash your crystals or gemstones in water, milk or in sea salt water because these are universal cleansers kept it for overnight and used in the morning only for the first time.
  2. Hold the stone in your hand and visualize that the negative energies are removing from your stone. While holding stone in your hand your can also chant a phrase 'commanding' the negative energies to leave the stone and 'ask' the stone to be self-cleansing for at least 3 minutes.
  3. Pass through the smoke of incense such as sweetgrass, frankincense or sage.

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