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Q. I am 21 years old can you tell me any suggestions for fair complaxion home remedies. I don't know I have some kind of dark skin on corner of my lips, can I use anything to make it lighter and I also want to know some tips to remove sacres from acne. I also have dark circles around my eyes. Please suggest some good home remedies or something convenient for me to get.

Karishma, Mumbai

Sol. As home remedies, you can apply besan mixed with curd on the entire face and wash it off after 20 minutes. This will minimise dark area at the corners of the lips and also help banish your acne scars. This should be a daily treatment.

For dark circles, mix cucumber juice with potato juice and apply daily around the eyes. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

Q. I am 19 year old girl and my hair is short so please tell me is there any way by which my hair will grow faster? I apply henna on my hair but my friends saying that my hair is getting dry day by day because of henna. Is there any way except henna by which I can colour my hair and make them soft and shiny?

Parminder, Chandigarh

You can have weekly oil treatments. Henna will not make the hair dry. To the henna powder add 4 teaspoons each of Lemon juice and coffee, 2 raw eggs, 2 teaspoons oil and enough curd to mix it into a paste. If you want colour, omit the curd and add tea water to mix into a paste. Boil used tea leaves in enough water, cool and strain before adding to the henna mixture.

Q. I have very thin cheeks and I want to make my cheeks little chubby. I also have pimple and spots on my face. Please help me out.

Naina, USA

Sol. Your cheeks may be made to look chubby with make-up. There is no other way, except by putting on weight, which is not something I would advise. I think its more important to cure the pimples, which can leave scars. For pimples and spots, wash your face with two to three times a day.

Apply curd on the entire face daily and wash it off after 20 minutes. For your cheeks, you can apply a pinkish brown blusher on the cheek bones. On the cheeks apply light colour blusher or highlighter (it should be whitish). Remember to blend well. This would help to bring the cheeks forward. Keep your hair away from the face. Long or shoulder length hair hanging on either side of the face will make your cheeks look thinner.