1. In your factory, Raw materials, finished goods and scrap should never be deposited in
    ‘North-East’. In North also, there should not be any waste.
  2. Placing crystal ball in North side of your office room will help in making quick profitable
    decision in business.
  3. Submersible or Jet Pump should only be in North-East or East side of the plot. If it is in South-East, North-West or South-West side, it will definitely causes loses in the factory.
  4. Tie the curtains of North side of your office or Rooms with black colour ribbon. This will help in increasing the success and give relaxation.
  5. In case Sub-mersible is in South-East side and if it is not possible to shift it. (This problem arises if underground water is available in only specific part.) Then follow the remedy:-
  6. Remedy

    In South-East of the plot, place Generator or make a pit in South-East side. Fire should be burnt in it using wood or coal in the morning and the evening. In North-East of the plot, in the garden, there must be a water fountain. This will help in removing the defects of South-East submersible to some extent.

  7. Toilets in the factory should not be in North-East side of the plot. Otherwise it will cause sickness and disease to the workers. Toilets can be in East, South-East, North-West, West or South side.
  8. Slope of the factory should be in East or North side.
  9. In the Office, Clinic, Factory or any Business Establishment or Trade:-

  1. Person who deals with business should sit facing North side.
  2. Consultants and counsellors like Doctors, Lawyers, Professors etc. should sit facing East side.

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