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Every young man must admit that there is always a certain amount of romantic intention when "the big date" looms close. It is an excited glimpse at the racing clock for them as they smudge, smooth, scrub, scrape, and spray themselves into adequate manner. Each and every thing is now done, which was not used perfectly earlier this is the beginning of big experience and equipped for the task.

He is confident that heís getting lucky tonight. Heís got a date and wants to be in full form so that the magic can happen.

He then checks his wardrobe so carefully to wear the nice and cool clothes. The body is dabbed dry with power and charm that bubbles up from untapped libidinous sources.

He thinks over the insecurities of fashion sense but inevitably decides he looks great in the overused full-length mirror. He tested his smile in the mirror.

Now here are a few pointers for both sexes (Male and Female) on the many forms erotic minded preparations can take.

The only thing you shouldnít ever forget on your hot date is your intelligence, manners, tact, style, a sense of humor and reserve have no substitutes.

Gifts: The "small gift" is a lost art. It shows a small commitment to the relationship, and can be anything. If you are not Croesus on the half-shell, you donít have to shell out big bucks. The size should be small. A little pillbox suitable for South American anesthetics, a change purse, and a cheap ring that no one would ever really wear. What it is doesnít matter-it is the tough that counts.

Flowers: These are the time-honoured erotic that even gets roots in the subconscious pulling for you. Donít even ask why, they seem to allow desire, its bloom and fruition. If youíre a fancy pants try an orchid corsage, it might make some hothouse flowers bloom for you.