A preview of Jaipur Jazz and Blues Music Festival 2019 with a
captivating live performance by Company B

New Delhi: As a prelude to the upcoming Jaipur Jazz and Blues Music Festival in October 2019, Seher India organized a jazz evening with Canadian Vintage jazz ensemble Company B yesterday evening at The Lodhi. It was the famous quartet's first performance in India with the harmonizing female vocal trio adding to the incredible instrumentals. The concert was organised in association with the High Commission of Canada, Air Canada and British Columbia.

This will be the biggest Jazz Festival to be organised in India. The aim of the festival is to bring the world of Jazz and blues closer to Indian audiences and to take this rare art form to the masses. This eclectic concert provided a glimpse of the talent one can expect at the upcoming festival.

Mr. Sanjeev Bhargava, Founder Director, Seher India, said, "We are delighted to introduce the Jaipur Jazz and Blues Festival in India. With this new festival our aim is to introduce the world of jazz and blues to music lovers. This is our first sneak preview of the upcoming festival and we appreciate the efforts of UNESCO and Rajasthan Tourism for helping us to put this festival together"

The Jaipur Jazz and Blues Music Festival 2019 will be organized by Seher, UNESCO and Rajasthan Tourism in October 2019.

Founded in 1994 by Sanjeev Bhargava, SEHER literally means 'breaking of the dawn'. Since its inception, Seher has been synonymous with thoughtful and imaginative initiatives in the sphere of painting, sculpture, theatre, dance, music, literature and cinema. Seher was founded with the vision of taking Indian culture to large number of people, not just to a small cultural elite. In the last 15 years, Seher has become one of the most highly regarded organizations in the area of the performing and visual arts - both for the diversity of performances as well as for the unusual manner in which each one has been conceived. Its events have been repeatedly described as historic, innovative and radically different.

These have included live performances amid ancient monuments as well as in public parks. Many have been done for the first time ever in India and have attracted thousands of people. Apart from these, some of the major initiatives by SEHER are 'India Now' campaign in London at the Trafalgar Square and Regent street, 'Ananya'- Classical Dance Festival, 'Bhakti Utsav', 'Delhi Jazz Festival', 'South Asian Bands Festival', 'SAARC Artists' Camp' and the 'Udaipur World Music Festival'.