'Shilpi Gupta Surkhab' - A Dubai based couture label, launches in Delhi

New Delhi: SHILPI GUPTA SURKHAB, a Dubai based high-end womenswear label which exemplifies the love for heritage techniques and craftsmanship, was launched today at Bikaner House, New Delhi.

'SHILPI GUPTA SURKHAB' is Shilpi Gupta's poetic ode to the wondrous world of art and design, something that has always driven the creative instincts in her. The brand's exclusive couture range is the perfect union of beauty, poise, regal grandeur and the individuality of a woman.

With its 'customisation trunks', the label is looking at addressing every fashion need of a woman who wants to make a chic turn, and is much sought after for its bespoke tailoring services for limited edition couture.

The launch party was hosted by founder Shilpi Gupta at Delhi's premier venue, Bikaner House. Held over a cocktail evening, the label launched its'Royal Heritage' collection, on display with a one of a kind 'Fashion Experience'. The champagne flowed, as the guests were enthralled with a classical performance by Birju Maharaj's granddaughter Shinjini Kulkarni, followed by a musical evening with a Fusion of classical and folk music by Grammy award winner, Salil Bhatt.

Speaking on the occasion, Founder Shilpi Gupta said, "Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose. For me, anything you design, but not style well, doesn't work! Design can be old, but style stays forever. With my label, my aim is to introduce regal grandeur into haute couture, with lots of creativity and innovative silhouettes."

About Shilpi Gupta:
A fashion brand management graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, UK, Shilpi Gupta launches her label, Surkhab, with her first exhibit at Bikaner House with the aim of reviving and reclaiming age-old craft techniques unique to India.

Originally form Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Shilpi shifted to New Delhi in 1996 after her marriage. Partnering with her husband, the industrialist Rajeev Gupta, she set up the Institute of Management Studies in 1998 and the IMS Law College in 2004, both in NOIDA. Shilpi also set up the Design and Innovation Academy in 2005, and initiated a tie up with the University of Huddersfield, UK, for exchange programs in 2007. Once these institutes were up and running, she went to study in the UK in 2009.

Though this event marks the formal launch of Surkhab in India, the label has been creating artisanal, bespoke pieces for discerning clients across the world since 2016. Recognized for her work in fashion capitals like Milan, London, and Dubai, Shilpi Gupta has also showcased at the Dubai International Fashion Show and exhibited her designs at La Villa.

With her Spring 2018 Haute Couture collection, Shilpi delves into her extensive travels through Rajasthan. From her experiences through the Desert State, she picks up signature elements like temple pichhwais, Rajasthani architecture, glass inlay, traditional costumes, the peacock and lotus motifs, and the bright colours worn by the women of Rajasthan-queens and commoners alike.

Here, a proud peacock fans out its tail feathers across a sweeping expanse of blush georgette, there the arches of a palace form the panels of a draped sari. A lake of floating lotuses envelops the hand-painted panels of a cape, while a bejeweled top traces the outlines of an ancient fort. All of these are accomplished in painstaking detail in hand-embroideries highlighted with block-, khari-, and even digital-print mediums. The colours-ranging from pastels blues and pinks to bright reds and emeralds, wine purples to electric teals-capture the riot of hues that truly symbolize Rajasthani royalty and exuberance.